How to Find the Perfect Premier League Predictions

How to Find the Perfect Premier League Predictions

As the summer season breaks gradually come to an end across Europe, attention can now shift fully into the coming football season. Of course, when you first hear the “Premier League” as an ardent football fan, your first thought goes to the English top flight.

Thanks to its many brilliant teams and impressive media coverage, the EPL is hugely popular among football fans. The enormous cash flow in the league ensures that it serves up gobs of excitement every game week, keeping fans on the edge with its intrigues and surprises.

If you have chosen to place bets on the English Premier League, you will no doubt be cautious about it. The cash flow earlier cited ensures that many of the league’s clubs are kept on near equal footing, and even the “lesser lights” can pull quite the upset every now and again. This portends the need for caution when predicting the outcome of premier league games.

So, who wins the premier league this season? Who finishes where? Which teams will find success and in which game weeks are they more likely to succeed?

Although the traditional ‘big six’ teams in the EPL of today (Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Tottenham) are expected to again occupy the top positions, they are bound to ultimately come up short in a few games, perhaps even losing some of these games. With this uncertainty surrounding the results, accurate football predictions become more difficult to come by.

Football Prediction Sites: A solution?

It is no surprise that many have turned towards creating models that help predict the outcome of soccer games. Short of doing just that (shocker: not everyone is a maths guru!) football prediction sites have provided a worthy prediction alternative.

Reliable football prediction sites collate available game data in order to predict the outcome of future games. This often involves calculating a wide array of variables, from teams involved to home advantage, recent performances, managers, team strengths, etc., to determine the outcome of games.

If you possess an educative interest in soccer predictions, you might want to learn how these models work and how to go about developing yours. Otherwise, it remains instructive to learn some of the variables that go into football scores prediction. A few of these variables will help you obtain the perfect premier league prediction even when using a soccer prediction site.

Finding the Perfect Prediction: Terms to note

If you are looking to find the perfect premier league prediction, you will have to do a lot of digging. However, the following terms (and what they stand for) can go some way to easing your search.

  • Value bets: Whether you are building your own model or working with an already existing model, ‘value bet’ is a term you are sure to meet. A value bet is found when the odds placed on an outcome is slightly above the fair odds of that outcome. Basically, the more value bets you are able to get, the more your chances of making a long-term profit.
  • Sample size: An important part of any prediction model is data analysis. Analyzing data helps to reveal trends and forms that point towards the possible outcome of a game. The larger the analyzed data (sample size), the more likely you are to obtain accurate results.
  • Goal expectancy: How many goals is a team likely to score in a particular match? Winning depends on the ability of a team to score, their potential to concede, and the ability of their opponents to score. With a number of sites offering statistical calculations of goal expectancy, it is much easier to factor this into any prediction.

As you begin to get down to it, you will find that a lot more factors come into consideration when predicting which team comes out tops in a game. Goal differentials, possession data, home ground advantage, and shots on goal could all play some part in a prediction. If you are not cut out for all of the hard work, a professional football prediction site could do the hard work for you.