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20 most expensive goalkeepers in the history of football

The World’s Most Expensive GoalKeepers

Who are the most expensive goalkeepers in the world?   Goalkeepers are an integral part of any team and the probability of winning a team may sometimes lay practically in their hands A goalkeeper has lots of function but literally, the goalkeeper is the keeper of the goal post.He is the one in charge of…
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Matchgains Ultimate Guide to Europa League Predictions

After two months of league football in which we have been craving for more soccer actions in midweek, European football’s two biggest club competitions have finally begun. While the Champions League remains the biggest club competition in the world, the Europa League is not so far behind and with the likes of Steven Gerard now…
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Matchgains Optimum Guide to Champions league Predictions

After two months of league football and five rounds of qualification matches, the Champions League group stage returns this week, and this season promises to be one of the most exciting in the competition’s history. There are several mouth-watering clashes expected in the group stages this year, but with PSG, Liverpool, and Napoli all vying…
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The Value of Information in Soccer Prediction

The right information is perhaps the most valuable aspect of soccer predictions. Information about the soccer game is extremely important and having the right knowledge plays a valuable role in predicting a soccer game. Predicting a soccer game involves the perfect combination of art and science. You must have a comprehensive idea about the art…
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The Ideal Football Prediction Guide

You just cannot get too smart with football betting. Even those who have been at it for quite a while get it wrong from time to time. So, there’s no reason to beat yourself up when you do get it wrong as the mistakes you make help you learn. However, it goes without saying that…
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Useful Websites With Information for Soccer Betting

The saying that “information is power” is more important in sports betting than perhaps any other type of betting in the world today. Thanks to technology, information can now easily be sourced, however, the right information is even rarer, that is why we at MatchGains have decided to not just become your go-to website for…
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betting glossary

The Top Betting Glossary Terms Every Tipster Must Know

Online Football betting is becoming increasingly popular and it does not look like ever going away, at least, not any time soon. The popularity of sports, especially among men, is a contributing factor. Betting makes it possible to earn extra cash even as they enjoy their favorite sport. However, the many terminologies associated with betting…
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top football betting website

Top 20 Football Betting Sites in 2018

Do you know the top football betting sites? Football betting is arguably the most popular sports betting in the world and the industry is getting bigger every day. Knowing the top betting terms are not just enough.   A lot of football fans further their love for the sport by betting and it is also…
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